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Archaeological Open-Air Museum

Neolithic Village (BG)

Neolithic Village is an Archaeological Thematic Complex that offers reconstructions of a Neolithic house and of а Chalcolithic pile dwelling, a Museum with a collection of early Thracian treasuries, weapons, ceramics, coins and a replica of the mural from the Tomb of Alexandrovo.

Musée Gallo-Romain de Saint-Romain-en-Gal - Vienne (FR)

Thirty kilometres to the south of Lyon and on the right bank of the Rhône River, the archaeological site of Saint-Romain-en-Gal – Vienne offers more than three hectares (7.5 acres) of archaeological vestiges of a neighbourhood of the Roman city of Vienne...

Keltendorf Mitterkirchen (AT)

At Mitterkirchen, in the local area called Lehen you will get acquainted with the life back 2700 years ago, in the Iron Age period referred to as the Hallstatt Era. Excavations of about 80 graves took place here in the 1980s leading to the construction of an archaeological open-air museum with over 20 houses and workshops...

Vitlycke Museum (SE)

Vitlycke Museum is an experiential and educative centre for the World Heritage Site at Tanum. We aim to enlighten the public by explaining the Bronze Age and the World Heritage Site and to increase the awareness and interest about this period...

Access to Cultural Heritage Sites for All

Linda Nilsen Ask (NO)
The purpose of Universal Design is to increase people’s opportunities to participate in society through the design of products, services, methods of communication, buildings and built-up spaces that are accessible to as many as possible. Many will suffer from some form of disability at some time in life, either temporarily or long-term...

From Celtic Village to Iron Age farmstead: lessons learnt from twenty years of building, maintaining and presenting Iron Age roundhouses at St Fagans National History Museum

Steve Burrow (WAL)
OpenArch Special Digest 2015 Issue 2
***This article summarises the main issues that were faced in running a group of reconstructed Iron Age roundhouses as an educational and visitor resource at St Fagans National History Museum from 1992 until 2013. Plans to build a new Iron Age farmstead at St Fagans are then outlined along with the steps that will be taken to learn from...

Tangible and Intangible Knowledge: the unique Contribution of Archaeological Open-Air Museums

Linda Hurcombe (UK)
OpenArch Special Digest 2015 Issue 2
***Over the years my personal research interests have focussed on the less tangible elements of the past, such as gender issues, perishable material culture, and the sensory worlds of the past, but all of these have been underpinned by a longstanding appreciation of the role experimental archaeology can play as...

Montale, the Terramara Lives

Andrea Cardarelli,
Ilaria Pulini and
Cristiana Zanasi (IT)
OpenArch Special Digest 2015 Issue 2
***Ten years ago, the results of investigations from one of the most important protohistoric settlements of the Po Plain in Italy lead to the construction of a large archaeological park. A project which, today, represents a core reality in the dissemination of experimentations...

Skupina STIK (SI)

Skupina STIK is a group of archaeologists that created a centre for experiential archaeology, called ARHEOFAKT. The centre represents a department within the cover research institute and is involved in...

OKRA "Tutti i colori della preistoria" (IT)

OKRA is an Archaeological Thematic Park that offers the reconstruction of a slice of Neolithic life as a didactic/educational instrument designed to learning of the oldest history of human being...


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