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LEGRAND, A., and G. RADI, "Manufacture and use of bone points from early Neolithic Colle Santo Stefano, Abruzzo, Italy", Journal of Field Archaeology, vol. 33, pp. 305-320, 2008.
SKAKUN, N N.., and A. LEGRAND, "Neolithic bone needles and vegetal fibres working: experimentation and use-wear analysis", “Prehistoric Technology” 40 years later: Functional Studies and the Russian Legacy, Oxford, Archaeopress, pp. xx-xx, 20/04/2005, 2008.
CHRISTIDOU, R., and A. LEGRAND, "Hide working and bone tools: experimentation design and application", From hooves to horns, from mollusc to mammoth: manufacture and use of bone artefacts from prehistoric times to the present, 2005.
LEGRAND, A., Nouvelle approche méthodologique des assemblages osseux du Néolithique de Chypre. Entre technique, fonction et culture, , Paris, Université de Paris I, 2005.