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LEGRAND, A., and G. RADI, "Manufacture and use of bone points from early Neolithic Colle Santo Stefano, Abruzzo, Italy", Journal of Field Archaeology, vol. 33, pp. 305-320, 2008.
SKAKUN, N N., and A. LEGRAND, "Neolithic bone needles and vegetal fibres working: experimentation and use-wear analysis", “Prehistoric Technology” 40 years later: Functional Studies and the Russian Legacy, Oxford, Archaeopress, pp. xx-xx, 20/04/2005, 2008.
CHRISTIDOU, R., and A. LEGRAND, "Hide working and bone tools: experimentation design and application", From hooves to horns, from mollusc to mammoth: manufacture and use of bone artefacts from prehistoric times to the present, 2005.
LEGRAND, A., Nouvelle approche méthodologique des assemblages osseux du Néolithique de Chypre. Entre technique, fonction et culture, Paris, Université de Paris I, 2005.