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Vom Eiseneerz zur Lanzenspitze. Methodische Kenntnisse aus 34 Rennofe- Schmelzen

TitleVom Eiseneerz zur Lanzenspitze. Methodische Kenntnisse aus 34 Rennofe- Schmelzen
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
JournalExperimentelle Archäogie in Europa
PublisherBeltz Bad Langensalza GmbH
Place PublishedBad Langensalza
Type of Articlearticle
Publication LanguageGerman
ISBN Number978-3-944255-01-9

Based on archaeological findings of the Roman Iron Age in Northern Central Germany filed trials with smelting furnaces took place. The interdisciplinarily applied experiments systematically followed archaeological and archaeometallurigical problems. Essential requirements for the actual multi-level bloomery furnace experiments were the selection and acquisition of suitable ores, charcoals and construction material for the furnace and the complex preparation of the same, the construction of different furnace variations up to special pre-experiments. During the numerous realised iron melts the process regarding wind supply, charge and duration of the procedure was verified. The strategy of this challenging test series consisted of the modification of one parameter at a time, at which the main goal was not to produce bloom but forgeable iron. By teamwork it was possible to eventually forge artefacts that were accurate to size. The whole labour-intensive process of iron extraction was accompanied by extensive analysis from the raw material to the final product. Nevertheless, not all questions were answered satisfactorily. There are yet some archaeological and archaeometallurgical aspects to be clarified, for which further experiments are necessary. The article describes the team approach regarding the preparation, execution and results of the bloomery furnace melts and the forging technique as well as the achievements, difficulties and deficits involved.