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NPAA Northern Plains Atlatl Association Web Page

TitleNPAA Northern Plains Atlatl Association Web Page
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2003
Publication LanguageEnglish

J. Whittaker: Many links and articles, including the following by Hrdlicka. One of the most useful atlatl sites.
2003 Intro to the Atlatl.
2003 Terms for the Atlatl.
Ethnographic (Australia has most) and modern, “Klingon,” and ancient [Sumerian, Egypt, Sanskrit – I know no other evidence for atlatls in these areas and suspect the words relate to spears or rabbit stick type “throwing sticks”]

2003 Peg Styles.
2003 Atlatl Weight Attachments.
2003 Handles
2003 Carving Soapstone Weights
2003 Atlatl Plans
“found, made, reverse-engineered, and otherwise gathered a number of plans and designs… arranged according to where in the world this type was used.”
[Some 75 designs, varying quality and usefulness, good source of ideas]

2003 Australian Children’s Darts
2003 Dart Construction.
Tips and plans for a variety of darts, straightening, fletching, etc.