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Jak rozmluvit kámen? Aneb Pár udstavců o traseologii

TitleJak rozmluvit kámen? Aneb Pár udstavců o traseologii
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
JournalŽivá Archeologie, (Re)konstrukce a experiment v archeologii
PublisherFHS Univerzity Hradec Králové
Place PublishedHradec Králové
Publication LanguageCzech
ISSN Number1213-1628

How to make stone speak? A few paragraphs on use wear analysis

The study of the stone industry, especially its function, is one of the crucial ways to gain better understanding of prehistoric societies. One of the latest approaches to this topic is the use–wear analysis of tool edges (use wear analysis).
This analysis can determine a list of tool functions, but not only that.
It also gives an insight into other questions, which provides us with new insights into the social and technological organization of prehistoric societies and enables to reconstruct the prehistoric economy patterns.