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I, The Aboriginal

TitleI, The Aboriginal
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsLOCKWOOD, D. W.
PublisherRigby Publishers Ltd
Publication LanguageEnglish

J. Whittaker: (first illustrated edition). Autobiography of Waipuldanya aka Phillip Roberts as told to Lockwood. First pub 1962. Born ca 1902 in N Australia, Roper River on Gulf of Carpentaria. As boy, “we fought with toy spears, the ends bound with rags so that anyone who was hit wouldn’t be badly hurt.” Hunting with woomera + 10 foot shovelnose spear frequently mentioned but not detailed. Mission school for a few years, then hunt with older man (his future wife’s bro) for training, so at ca age 10-12. P. 80 ‘My spears were balanced in relation to my height, my weight, and the length of my arm.’ Spear manufacture described, blood and ochre décor. Spear “fitted to woomera and test-thrown, spinning like a rifle bullet. If rear end oscillates too wide an arc it will whistle in flight, advertising its approach… must be trimmed and straightened until it is silent and perfect. ..Woomera is also made from Djindi-djindi with a wooden point bound to the shaft by wax made from roots of an ironwood tree.’ Boomerangs of secondary importance, mostly for moving targets like birds.
Ultimately he went to school, met a doctor and became his orderly, had medical training.