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The Geniculate Bannerstone as an Atlatl Handle

TitleThe Geniculate Bannerstone as an Atlatl Handle
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1962
AuthorsPEETS, O. H.
JournalTennessee Archaeologist
Type of Articlearticle
Publication LanguageEnglish

J. Whittaker: “For several decades” experiments have been out of favor in arch. But “the most meaningful questions are not to be solved by using meaningless names” of artifacts. If we fail to recognize ‘bannerstones’ as atlatl weights, and ‘gorgets’ as wrist guards, we lose info on transition to bow. Geniculates are hook shaped with oval and oblong perforation. Thin shaft fits firmly in hole, hook up supports dart, held with either two–finger [split] or [hammer] grip. Similar to beak on birdstone atlatl handles. [His photos with geniculate handle and antler hook show additional bannerstone weight in between – no arch evidence of this]. Not a combined hook and weight as Webb suggests, and weights do not improve atlatl force. Weight might help balance, but not necessarily. [see Morse and Morse 1962].