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Experimentelle Archäologie und der Dialog mit dem Besucher - eine metodische Annäherung

TitleExperimentelle Archäologie und der Dialog mit dem Besucher - eine metodische Annäherung
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSCHÖBEL, G.
JournalExperimentelle Archäologie in Europa Bilanz 2013
PublisherEuropäische Vereinigung zur Förderung der Experimentellen Archäologie e.V.
Place PublishedBad Langensalza
Type of Articlearticle
Publication LanguageGerman
ISBN Number978-3-944255-01-9

Experimental archaeology is a scientific method trying to reconstruct prehistoric processes by tests in an inductive way. This happens mostly under laboratory conditions excluding usually the public. On the other hand, visitors of the museum are fascinated by events where in the frame of hands-on-activities and demonstrations the results of these investigations are presented. The one is science and the other is teaching and fun. For museums, the best archaeological experiments are those which combine scientific experiments with the participation of the visitors. One way is to involve visitors in the experiments. This isn't always possible but it should be the aim of the participating craftsmen and specialists in order to tune the methods and to distinguish the possible evidences and results for further and possibly better methods in the future. This contribution tries to present method, demonstration, hands-on aspects and promising long-term-experiments by chosen examples.