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Experimentální konstrukce laténské hrnčiřské pece z Brčekol

TitleExperimentální konstrukce laténské hrnčiřské pece z Brčekol
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsTHÉR, R., and T. MANGEL
JournalŽivá Archeologie, (Re)konstrukce a experiment v archeologii
PublisherFHS Univerzity Hradec Králové
Place PublishedHradec Králové
Publication LanguageCzech
ISSN Number1213-1628

The construction of a La Tène experimental pottery kiln from Brčekoly

The construction of experimental pottery kiln was designed based on the remains of the Late Iron Age (LtC2-D1) two-chambered vertical kiln with perforated floor excavated in 1961 at Brčekoly (Chrudim district, the Czech Republic). The entire kiln was dug into the ground. Thanks to relatively good state of preservation it was possible to reconstruct most of the functional parts with a high degree of certainty with the exception of upper part of the firing chamber. The construction has drawn attention to problems of reconstruction of pyrotechnical devices with emphasis on an influence of formative processes.