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The arrow

TitleThe arrow
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1895
AuthorsCUSHING, F H.
JournalAmerican Anthropologist
PublisherAmerican Anthropological Association
Place PublishedWashington
Type of Articlearticle
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISSN Number0002-7294

J. Whittaker: [Fascinating early article by one of the first experimental archaeologists.] Arrow was invented before bow.
Study specific for general laws of man’s development. Good quotes on above, personal and individual nature of anthro, philosophy of study and need for replication. His discovery of arrowmaking. Arrows described (SW example). "Knapping" direct, indirect, pressure described. Arrow making includes straight and smooth w/stone, grooved grinder for foreshafts, wrenches. [Wild] speculations on human and arrow beginnings. Proposes development of spear thrower through some weakly documented [and often dubious] forms of spear sling, spear palm, etc. short throwers with rope for end. Springy atlatl of cliff dwellers claims his works, and that he experimented with Maya forms too. Reconstructs a stringed “spear crook or flinging bow" [combination atlatl and bow] from Zuni war paho, and "bow crotch" [an even more absurd idea], from which derives reflex bow. [I have tried a spear crook made by Richard Lyons - it does work, poorly, as a hooked atlatl, not with springing action. Cushing’s scheme is an attempt to develop an evolutionary sequence for bows, based on incorrect notion of springing action of atlatls.]