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Aleutian Islanders: Eskimos of the North Pacific

TitleAleutian Islanders: Eskimos of the North Pacific
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1944
AuthorsQUIMBY jr, G. I.
Series TitleAnthropology Leaflet
PublisherNatural History Museum
Series Volume35
Publication LanguageEnglish

J. Whittaker: [Exhibit guide, general info, not too useful], “The spear-thrower is like a rigid acts as an extension of the arm and therefore enables the hunter to throw the spear with greater momentum and force. Modern experiments have shown that the spr and sprthr lack the accuracy of the bow and arrow but possessed greater penetrating power...advantage in hunting tough-hided sea mammals. Other advantages...are its lack of recoil and fact that it does not require use of both hands.” Different kinds of darts used [all apparently rigid], including multi-pronged bird dart. [no useful illustrations]
Whaling [not with atlatl?] using aconite root poison.