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Background Information on Bibliography

One of the most important first steps before doing any own research is to explore what is already done in the specific field. To prevent reinventing the wheel, the present listing is offered. This bibliography holds references for those interested in experimental archaeology and archaeological education as well as to archaeological open-air museums. Chief Editor is Roeland Paardekooper. With the start of EXARC in 2001, the Institute of Ancient Technology (IAT), Sweden encouraged and helped with making this list available. It goes back on the 2,078 entries of Devermann & Fansa 1994. Even now with over 11,000 titles, this bibliography probably holds only the tip of the iceberg. The following publications have been reviewed and yielded an extensive amount of entries for the bibliography:

Running series
1986 Archaeological Textiles Newsletter, by the Center for Textile Research, Denmark
1995 Experimentelle Archäologie in Europa (prev. in Deutschland), by EXAR, Germany
1996 Bulletin voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie, by VAEE, the Netherlands
2004 The EXARC Journal (prev. EuroREA), by EXARC, the Netherlands

Bibliographies and ended journals
1974–1996 The Nordic Archaeological Abstracts (NAA; *1993 was never published), Denmark
1980–1990 The Bulletin of Experimental Archaeology, University of Southampton, England
1981–1994 Forntida Teknik, the Institute of Ancient Technology (IAT), Sweden
1991-2015 Bulletin of Primitive Technology, by the Society of Primitive Technology, USA
DEVERMANN, Hermann, FANSA, Mamoun, 1994. Bibliographie zur Experimentellen Archäologie, Oldenburg: Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde und Vorgeschichte.
HESTER, T.R.; HEIZER, R.F., 1973. Bibliography of Archaeology I: experiments, lithic technology, and petrography.
WHITTAKKER, John, atlatl bibliography, accessed 1-8-2010, updated every 6 months.